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Walk the talk. Make an impact. Leave no trace.

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Orba materials: How we reduce the world’s shoe waste footprint.

Every part of every shoe Orba makes for the next 100 years will be gone before a pair of synthetic sneakers discarded yesterday.

See how we do it

Our solution

Say hello to the shoe that leaves no trace.

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Wearing Orba's is a visible way of making an impact.

Wearing Orba's is a visible way of making an impact.

Made from nature Orba Shoes symbol

Made from nature.

Global Footwear Awards Orba Shoes Winner Badge
500 5 star reviews badge
500 five-star reviews from our community.
Biodegradable materials Orba Shoes symbol
Biodegradable materials.
Certified B Corporation Badge
Proudly B-Corp.
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Orba is here to fight waste, 1 pair of shoes at a time.
USDA Certified Biobased Product Logo
Certified bio-based rubber (95%+).
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More sustainable.
Diagram of Orba shoes fighting moisture and microbes
Plant-based shoe materials
Crafted from renewable materials.

500+ five-star reviews for comfort & style.

  • Women wearing Orba Ghost sneakers giving 5 star review

    Priscila B.


    "I’m enjoying my first pair of orba shoes. I bought them because of the environmental credentials, and now I’m enjoying how comfortable they are..."

  • Women wearing Orba Ghost sneakers giving 5 star review

    Shayna R.


    "I had my eye on them for a while and have not been disappointed. They’re very comfortable, feel durable and look great. "

  • Orba Ghost sneaker 5 star review

    Marvin A.


    "It’s very comfy to use and compliment with most of the outfits..."

  • Women wearing Orba Ghost sneakers giving 5 star review

    Kimberly B.


    "I absolutely love them! So comfy from the first time I wore then and look so nice too, not to mention the story behind them! I’m telling all my friends to get some!"

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Highlights at Orba.

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Why have we created Orba?

Orba shoes were born out of the need to make a change for good. Every year the global fashion industry produces over 24 billion shoes that use synthetics, with little regard for the sustainability of the materials sourced, the wellbeing of the people involved or how these products will impact the environment after disposal.Shoes can last in landfill for up to 1,000 years and are responsible for creating pollution over their entire lifecycle. 85% of people surveyed take action to reduce waste and we believe this is a problem that we can solve together.

Read more about the vast scale of shoe waste in our recent journal post.

Featured Press.

  • RNZ Logo

    “In 2021, the company won the sustainability category at the Global Footwear Awards and the sustainable product design category at New Zealand's Best Design Awards.”

  • Kia Ora Air New Zealand logo

    "The brand is already proving popular. Since launching, 3000 New Zealanders have Orba shoes on their feet."

  • The Spinoff Logo

    “Twelve months into Orba’s life cycle, things seem to be going well. Orba has won awards for its sustainability efforts, and their credentials have been confirmed with B Corp certification."

  • Stuff New Zealand Logo

    “The (sole) formulation is a global first, and designed to eliminate the problem of disposed shoes in landfill taking from 40 to 1000 years to break down.”

Popular FAQ.

Will Orbas biodegrade during wear?

Orba shoes are designed to not begin to biodegrade until they are “aged”, that is until they have reached the end of their wearable life. After that, like anything, they will only biodegrade in a suitable micro-organism rich environment.  

They will not biodegrade in normal urban wear conditions or in normal healthy storage conditions.

What makes Orba more sustainable?

Lots of things! Sustainability comes in many forms, and while we’re not perfect (maybe no one is) our goal is to cover every step and to work toward improving our performance. We look at every process, from the farms that produce our raw materials, to the factories that weave our canvases and assemble our shoes, and the logistics to get them all the way to your front door.

We take responsibility for our shoes by making sure in the design, raw materials and manufacturing phases that they are non-toxic and the materials can biodegrade, and at the end-of-life by collecting them if required and returning the to the earth properly. Find out more.

What do they feel like when wearing them?

Your Orba shoes will feel firm, comfortable and stable. The insole is a key to comfort. The Orba insole is made in three separate layers, of different densities of material for each of the forefoot, midfoot and heel. The materials, Cork and Coconut Husk (Core Fibre) and Natural Latex, mould to foot shape over time. The outsole, the natural rubber base of the shoe, is made to flex and absorb shock when under pressure.

How do your shoes fit?

“Fit” is a personal call, because it’s about the preferences of the wearer.  

For width, to us the Orba is designed to be a fraction wider across the broadest part of the foot than what seems to be our expectation of a “standard” shoe, but with a close fit around midfoot and heel.  

The length of the lacing system, with six eyelets on each side, allows tightening or loosening of the fit along the length of the shoe. This accommodates a variety of foot widths.

In terms of the length of the shoe, well, that matches the “standard” fitting closely. In terms of length, we recommend you measure the length of your foot, and check that against our sizing guide.

What is Orba’s exchange/returns policy?

We are happy to exchange/refund your Orba shoes, as long as you return them in the same condition that you received them in, unworn and in the original packaging.

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