Hello influencers, big and small.

Join the movement and help address pollution in the footwear industry. Become an Orba sales partner!

We are looking for like-minded individuals that truly believe in our product, rooting our affiliate program in trust and authenticity. Affiliates will use their passion and influence to promote Orba and will receive a commission anytime a sale is made with one of your links. It’s easy. It’s fun. It helps put Orba’s on feet which means fewer synthetic and plastic-based footwear in landfill.

We believe that our wallets are the most powerful tool to use to send a message to the industries that continue to use harmful materials to make everyday products like shoes. Join our movement today and become an Orba Shoes affiliate.

  • Earn at least 10% commission on every successful sale made with your individual link or code
  • Easy pay-outs via Paypal every month
  • Use provided media assets and messaging to ensure brand consistency
  • Have your created promotional material approved by our team to ensure accurate messaging

We are open to increasing commission rates, marketplace discounts, and more in order to work with the right affiliate. For custom affiliate proposals and agreements, please email sales@orbashoes.eco