Orba sneakers were born out of the need to make a change for good.

Every year the global fashion industry produces over 20 billion shoes that use synthetics, with little regard for the sustainability of the materials sourced, the wellbeing of the people involved or how these products will impact the environment after disposal.

Shoes that use any synthetics take from the earth and never give back.

We do things differently.

Orba shoes are made from nature and biodegradable materials, so you can feel good knowing that when you’re ready to say goodbye, your shoes will return to nature, going back into the soil where they came from.

Our foundation is our commitment to the planet and its people.

Each material, from the natural plant-based rubber sole to the embroidered cotton eyelets, has been carefully chosen for its unique properties and environmental impact, to create a shoe that keeps you and the planet looking good.

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    Made from nature.

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    More sustainable.

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    Biodegradable materials.

Our Approach.

More sustainably made shoes. Kinder to the planet.

Organic Flax yarn used for Orba Ghost Sneakers upper canvas

Sustainability through science.

We have an absolute commitment to sustainability and fuelling the circular economy. We also take pride in backing our claims with processes of solid science, and respected independent testing and certification. No greenwashing here, simply aiming for a tested biodegradable product – with our sights set on certification of full compostability.

Close up of Orba Ghost Sneakers cork footbed

Comfort without compromise.

Our shoes are not harmful to the planet and don’t compromise comfort and durability.

Expertly crafted to keep their natural good looks over time, our classic designs combine innovative plant-based materials with style in a way that hasn’t been seen before.

Orba undertaking SCORE training with weavers

Good for the people.

Our foundation is our commitment to the planet and its people.

Our key supplier meets the international Business Social Compliance Initiative code of conduct (BSCI), and we assist our smaller suppliers by funding training programs to achieve sustainable growth and a pathway for future BSCI compliance too. In this we aim for no discrimination, fair renumeration and decent work hours as just a few of the benefits for our people. All of our suppliers are familiar with our Orba Supplier Code of Conduct, the minimum standards required of our suppliers. We believe in social equity and fair treatment across our global community.

Women walking in Orba Ghost Sneakers with cotton totebag

Leading the change.

We aim to set a good example, by talking the talk and walking the walk.

We’re committed to helping educate as to how material innovations and design can make the world’s products, communities and business’ more sustainable. We’d like help to inspire those who want to be a part of a circular and fair economy to question the status quo and help make change for the better.

  • Orba Sustainability Plan 2023

    Sustainability Plan.

    This plan augments the Orba Sustainability Framework. These documents outline how we approach sustainability within our business structure, with our products, and how they are made.

    View Document 
  • Orba Sustainability Framework 2022

    Sustainability Framework.

    The Sustainability Framework details our overall vision and business governance structure, product materials selection criteria, preferred third-party eco-certifications and scientific testing for biodegradability and compostability.

    View Document 
  • Orba Code of Business Ethics & Conduct cover

    Code of Business Ethics & Conduct.

    This document outlines Orba’s company vision, values, mission and a code of ethics for management and employees.

    View Document 
  • Orba Sustainable Purchasing Plan 2022

    Sustainable Purchasing Plan.

    A guide for management and staff when making purchasing decisions and a building block to improve the sustainability of Orba’s operations.

    View Document 
  • Orba Supplier Code of Conduct 2022

    Supplier Code of Conduct.

    The Supplier Code of Conduct defines standards for fair, safe and healthy working conditions, and environmental responsibility throughout our supply chain.

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