Size Guide.

  • Orba Sneaker Unisex size guide

Not sure about the right size for you?

  1. Stand on a piece of paper with your heels against the wall behind. Make sure you are wearing the same socks that you would normally wear with your shoes.
  2. Draw a line at the tip of your toe. Measure the length from the wall to the line and repeat for the other foot
  3. Add 5-10mm to the longest measured length (important for toe space) and compare that foot length with our size chart.

Note: Use the US sizes if you are converting from your normal New Zealand or Australian size.

  • Orba Ghost sneaker size help graphic
  • Orba Ghost sneaker size help graphic

Size & Fit FAQs

How do your shoes fit?

“Fit” is a personal call, because it’s about the preferences of the wearer.

For width, to us the Orba is designed to be a fraction wider across the broadest part of the foot than what seems to be our expectation of a “standard” shoe, but with a close fit around midfoot and heel.

The length of the lacing system, with six eyelets on each side, allows tightening or loosening of the fit along the length of the shoe. This accommodates a variety of foot widths.

In terms of the length of the shoe, well, that matches the “standard” fitting closely. In terms of length, we recommend you measure the length of your foot, and check that against our sizing guide.

What do they feel like when wearing them?

Your Orba shoes will feel firm, comfortable and stable. The insole is a key to comfort. The Orba insole is made in three separate layers, of different densities of material for each of the forefoot, midfoot and heel. The materials, Cork and Coconut Husk (Core Fibre) and Natural Latex, mould to foot shape over time. The outsole, the natural rubber base of the shoe, is made to flex and absorb shock when under pressure.

Do Orba shoes have good arch support?

Our shoes and sole have been carefully designed for the most “typical” foot shape, and the cork and coir insole will adapt to individual foot shapes over time. For a more custom fit, the insoles are easily removable and can be replaced with orthopedic or customised insoles.

Will my shoes stretch?

The uppers and laces soften and relax as you wear them in, but they will not stretch. The insole will mould to the shape of your foot over time.

Do you do half sizes?

No, If you are a half size, we recommend you size up, not down. The long laces allow the shoe to be tightened if it is a fraction large.

What is Orba’s exchange/returns policy?

We are happy to exchange/refund your Orba shoes, as long as you return them in the same condition that you received them in, unworn (feel free to try them on inside on a carpet floor) and in the original packaging.