Naturally Antimicrobial Footwear.

Antimicrobial Materials - Cork.

By using materials that have natural microbial and fungal resistant properties, your shoes will stay fresher for longer.

This key benefit of cork comes from its phenolic make-up which allows it to neutralize and prevent the growth of microbes making for healthier, odor-free feet. When paired with naturally antimicrobial socks and a good shoe care routine, Orbas will help maintain your foot health and keep your feet smiling.

The benefits of cork innersoles.

  • Fungal resistant
  • Odor-free
  • Removable

Additionally, the footbed is designed to be easily removable, which is important because it helps with cleaning and drying the shoe, and allows the shoe to be aired after wear and in storage.

Read more about the moisture-wicking characteristics of the footbed or shop our plant-based sustainable shoes.

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