Moisture-Wicking Footwear.

Moisture-wicking footwear with insulation materials to ensure happy feet all year round.

Moisture-wicking and insulation materials.

All of our Orba Ghost footbed components are from renewable resources with low environmental impact and both cork and coir are naturally moisture-wicking materials.

Pulling unwanted moisture away from your body keeps your shoes dry and odor-free every day. These two super-materials also have the ability to adjust to the weather. 

The benefits of cork & coir in natural footwear.

  • Naturally Antimicrobial
  • Moisture wicking
  • Thermo-regulating

Temperature regulation for your feet.

Natural thermo-insulation properties mean your feet are kept cool in summer and warm in winter which is important in hot or humid conditions.

The combination of cork, coir and moisture-wicking textiles used in the upper allows for an all-around breathable and temperature regulated shoe for happy feet. 

Read more about our antimicrobial footwear materials or shop for your pair or Orba shoes for happy feet.

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