Natural Footwear Support.

Personalised, Adaptive Support for Your Feet.

You may be surprised to find that the footbed of our shoes, while maintaining its overall shape, actually adapts to the form of your foot with wear. Let's dive a little deeper into this key benefit of the footbed Orba wearers are loving the most.

5 things our customers love about their Orba shoes:

  • Firm yet malleable
  • Breathable & flexible
  • All-day comfort
  • Made from nature
  • Ergonomic support

Natural products for natural support & comfort.

The all-natural footbed of the Orba Ghost becomes more comfortable over time from the subtly malleable characteristics of the Coconut husk and latex layers.

While keeping their firm, supportive feel, this custom-fit comes purely from the wearer's weight and heat and is a big reason for the rave reviews we see coming in about the all-day comfort and long term wearability of the shoe.

Even the best foams do not adapt in this way.  The natural materials work with, not against your individual needs for foot comfort.

Why not step into a pair of Orba's today to feel that difference that your feet will thank you for.

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