Natural Comfort - Natural Footbed.

Orba Ghost Shoes Natural comfort - natural footbed made from plant-based materials

Ever wondered why Orba shoes are so highly rated for comfort? The secret is, well, not really a secret at all. It's mainly the footbed.
Made from a combination of sustainably sourced cork, coconut husk, agave sisal and natural latex, our footbeds are designed for a firm yet supple ride allowing for all-day comfort.

Let's dive a little deeper into a few key benefits of the footbed Orba wearers are loving the most.

Natural Footbed Materials.

The shock-absorbing characteristics come from the coconut husk and agave sisal composite that makes up the foundation of the footbed. Bound together with natural latex rubber these base layers give our footbed a similar amount of bounce as the highest quality foam insole, but this is all-natural and eco-friendly comfort.

For those on their feet all day, added relief for the heels comes from the addition of the cork lining. While thin, the cork's natural elasticity and spring help to lessen the impacts transferred up the body.

Ergonomic Footbed Design

An ergonomic design means there is the right amount of arch support for most people. The footbeds are extremely flexible too, conforming to your natural movements.

Read more about our natural comfort and the adaptive support of the footbed.

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