4 ply construction 4 strength.


The Orba ghost upper is optimized for urban wear with a unique 4 ply laminated fabric construction. A layer of lightweight ramie is laminated to each of the flax outer and kenaf lining fabrics. This improves the shape-holding and reduces the wrinkling often found in non-reinforced canvas style shoes.

The combination of flax, kenaf and two layers of ramie creates a fabric that has performance equivalency to leather, but with strong natural character while minimising the negative impacts of leather and the other alternatives. The production of 1 kg of leather generates over 5kg of solid waste. Our fabrics address this problem.

Ramie fibre is known especially for its ability to hold its shape. It is usually used as a blend with other fibres. The Ghost sneaker achieves this through 4 ply lamination. The result is an upper made from some of the most sustainable fibres in the world that resists stretch and maintains its shape well for the life of the shoe.

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