Get friendly with flax, our ghostly canvas.


The flax canvas is handwoven from bleached yarn by master weavers using traditional looms. The natural yarn varies in its thickness and thinness. This creates a fabric with a special character. A high-performance natural fibre, flax is a highly renewable resource ideal for our casual sneakers.

- Temperature regulation

- High tensile strength

- Moisture-wicking

- Antibacterial


Flax has the unique ability to reduce sweat and absorb water very quickly. The natural breathability, moisture absorption, cooling and anti-perspiration properties make it a natural textile suited to footwear while the kenaf is a great thermal insulator, keeping you warm in cold weather while still being able to breathe freely.


The particular flax, kenaf and ramie fabrics we use all allow the foot to breathe naturally. Working in tandem in a unique 4 ply construction, the upper aids airflow which is important for footwear as it reduces odour and promotes good foot health.

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